5 Tips on How to Women Look Smarter

All women want to look smart and attractive. Some women go all lengths and spend a lot of money

going to the beauty parlour and indulging in expensive beauty and hair care treatments. Women go

all out to buy the best clothes that they can find. We cover how you can look smart in short dresses

for women and make heads turn everywhere you go.


Wear clothes that fit well: When selecting short dresses for women ensure that the dress fits you

perfectly. How do you do this? Start with the shoulders; if the shoulders are a perfect fit then the

rest of the dress will fall into place. If the shoulders are small or big then you are going to look odd in

the dress and it is better not to wear it.

Rules for revelling skin: Some women believe that it is sexy to show skin and are looking for ways in

which to expose their body. There are rules to showing skin and looking sophisticated. Too much

show of skin will just end up making you look cheap and trashy. If you are wearing a short designer

dress then avoid showing any other part of your body. With a long dress you could opt for showing

cleavage. Looking sexy is in your body language and not on how much you expose. Women covered

from head to toe can look very sexy as well.

Length of dress: A short designer dress should be of a moderate length that you are comfortable

wearing. The length of your dress also depends on your body shape and height. If you have long slim

legs then avoid wearing very short dresses. Your dress should ideally be knee length and with a

flared bottom. If you are petite in height then you should wear a short dress and this will show more

of your legs and make you look taller with a longer legs appearance.

Keep the makeup selective: Decide which features you want to highlight and wear your makeup

accordingly. Do not over do the makeup. Be selective in what you apply on your face. You want to

look classy not trashy, so keep the colours sober.

Accessorise: Accessories help to enhance a woman’s appearance. However, wearing too many

accessories can make you look trashy. The shoes you wear are an important part of looking smart.

You do not have to wear flashy shoes. They should be simple and elegant.

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